A Positive Balance Sheet and Many Projects for UNANIMA International

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In her introductory remarks in the latest issue of the UNANIMA International newsletter, Executive Director Jean Quinn, fdls, mentions several major elements that marked the year 2021. Among other things, she notes the NGO’s pride in having succeeded in bringing the issue of homelessness to the forefront at the United Nations Assembly, which unanimously adopted the resolution that the organization had introduced. “This is a monumental accomplishment… because the topic of homelessness was largely missing from the international community’s agenda for decades…”

The newsletter presents the ongoing actions of the committees at the UN, including the Commission for Social Development. It highlights the Joint Statement with the International Presentation Association (IPA) which raised the issue of the specific vulnerabilities of women and girls throughout the pandemic.

There is also an article on the 66th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. In connection with the theme “Climate Change – Environment – Disaster Risk Reduction – Gender Equality at the Center of Solutions”, UNANIMA International has applied to present a statement during the session, which, if accepted, will be read virtually. The NGO will also host a side event with the Working Group to End Homelessness entitled “Climate Change: Multiple Risks for Homeless Women and Girls”.

Some information is also provided regarding the activities of the NGO Committee; the move of UNANIMA’s offices to the UN Church Center and the arrival of new interns. As usual, the newsletter provides several links to documents or websites for reference.

To learn more, check out this publication available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.