Seven Weeks for Water: For Water Justice Now

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The Seven Weeks for Water 2022 focuses on water justice in Europe. This theme is intended to support the WCC’s Justice and Peace pilgrimage planned mainly in Europe this year.

The “Seven Weeks for Water” campaign established by the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Water Council in 2008 is an invitation to reflect on God’s gift of water. It offers weekly theological reflections and several resources during the seven weeks of Lent.

The reflection texts will address several water issues related to the situation in Europe, presenting various perspectives and some inequalities. The WCC encourages the use of these resources for small group discussions, personal meditation, and broadening one’s knowledge by attending the webinars that are offered.

Here is the list of topics publication dates:

Date of publication: 2 March 2022
Theme: “Water Justice Now!”, by Philip Peacock

Date of publication: 7 March 2022
Theme: Water justice towards gender justice, by Nicqui Ashwood

Date of publication: 14 March 2022
Theme: “Care for Creation and Water for life”, by Louk Andrianos

Date of publication: 21 March 2022
Theme: “Water for peace: an interfaith perspective”, by Susanne Öhlmann

Date of publication: 28 March 2022
Theme: Water for peace : an interfaith perspective

Date of publication: 4 April 2022
Theme: Water is a gift of God, a common good and a human right

Date of publication: 11 April 2022
Theme: Pilgrimage of Water Justice in Europe

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