Re-opening of the Centre Marie-Rose a Success

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Religious Heritage Days

The September 12 re-opening of the Centre Marie-Rose (CMR) was a great success and was welcomed by some 80 people to mark the start of Religious Heritage Days. Along an outdoor route with six stations, visitors were able to discover much about the heritage site of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).

Visitors were thus able to immerse themselves in the history of Longueuil and of the first female religious congregation of teachers founded by a Canadian woman. As they walked, visitors learned about the evolution of the 18th and 19th century buildings on the site. The guides covered many aspects, including the vagaries of the now-defunct St. Anthony’s Brook, which at one time was a source of trouble for both sisters and local residents.

At several points along the route, the tour guides highlighted the values of the SNJM, their corporate stand on current issues and the presence of the SNJM in many parts of the world. In summary, the outdoor tour appears to have satisfied visitors’ curiosity, judging by their enthusiastic comments.

The information piqued their interest in the museum space at the Marie-Rose Centre, which is once again open to the public after having been closed during the pandemic.

The Marie-Rose Centre offers visitors guided tours of the facilities, which include a museum, the original chapel, the historical rooms where Mother Marie-Rose, the founder of the SNJM, lived, as well as the Foundation house and the archive exhibition room. The Marie-Rose Centre is located at 80 Saint-Charles Street East in Longueuil (in the former Longueuil Convent).

Consult the photo album and the video clip.