Two New SNJM Associates

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The group of Francophone Associates of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) has been enriched by the arrival of two young women. Yasmine Matar and Geneviève Noël made their first commitment as Associates during a virtual ceremony on May 22.

After being accompanied by Sr. Thérèse Laplante during their spiritual journey, for over two years, the two young aspirants experienced this moment with emotion and peace. Twenty-six Francophone and Anglophone Associates and Sisters were present during their first commitment ceremony.

A desire to share and to “grow”

When asked about her motivations for undertaking this spiritual journey, Yasmine expressed her desire to pray, discuss, reflect and contemplate. “Sharing with the group of Associates is precious to me. Taking time to clear my mind is a constant challenge.”

Beyond the moments of sharing and internalization (reflection), she stated, “I want to be an active and committed Affiliate of the SNJM family and to participate by means of concrete actions related to the corporate stands of the community. I want to offer a listening presence and an open-mindedness as I enter into communion with the Francophone and Anglophone Sisters and Affiliates.”

For her part, Genevieve speaks of a connection between herself and the SNJM spirit since her first contact with the Congregation, an energy that has continued to grow. “Joining these values, this charism, this action to something bigger than myself, gives me meaning, strength, energy and life. ”

She specifies her reason for becoming an SNJM Associate in these words, “I feel called by the group, by each one of you. Because you nourish me and quench my spiritual thirst, you help me grow. Alone, I do not possess all the necessary tools and some tools are not found in books and lectures, but rather in relationships with others.”

The SNJM Francophone Associate (or Associates’) ceremony also formalized the renewal of commitment of some 37 additional Affiliates for the next three years.

Visit this page to learn more about possible forms of affiliation with the SNJM mission.

Caption – top photo: Yasmine Matar and Geneviève Noël