SNJM Sisters Express Disagreement with Development and Peace  

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In a recent letter sent to the management of Development and Peace, with copies also sent to the Bishops of Canada (CCCB) and the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC), the signatories expressed their disagreement with the way the organization chose to eliminate 24 Southern partners from its list of organizations to be supported.

Pointing out a lack of transparency and a “preoccupation with sexual morality rather than a focus on the poor and the common good,” the four signatories of the letter refer to Scripture to support their point of view. “… Nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus abandon, disgraced or desperate women. Jesus hears their cries…”

Expressing their indignation, they conclude their letter by posing the following question so relevant to the current context: “Is it too late to look at these situations with a compassionate heart and through the lens of the Gospel?”

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) have long supported the non-governmental organization (NGO) Development and Peace. The recent controversy has upset them, as well as other religious organizations who have likewise denounced the actions of Development and Peace.