The Sisters of Maison Jésus-Marie in the Digital Age of Tablets

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The confinement imposed by the pandemic has had at least one positive effect. Several Sisters at Maison Jesus-Marie (MJM) have turned to technology by learning to use a Tablet.

Sr. Suzanne Brault helped to select the tablets to be bought, set them up and trained the Sisters in their basic use. She comes to the rescue when  help is needed.

Sr Suzanne Brault at work.

Sr. Suzanne, who is affectionately nicknamed the “Nun” by her nephew, appreciates sharing her technological skills which counter balance her work as an interpreter. Enjoying discovering new links, she initiated community prayer online. This weekly gathering on “Messenger” brings together a few dozen Sisters, including several new Tablet enthusiasts.

Some of the participants in the virtual community prayer group (nicknamed the PCV).

“I have received a lot in my life and I’m happy to give back to others by helping ‘tame’ the world of Tablets,” says Sr. Suzanne, enthusiastically. During her years in Santa Cruz, California, from 2007-2013, she familiarized herself with technology. Since then, she has continued to learn more about Smartphones and Tablets.

Without considering herself a specialist, she gladly shares her knowledge and discoveries with others. In preparation for the upcoming General Chapter of the Congregation, Sr. Suzanne has made it her mission to introduce her companions to the digital platform Zoom.

Her 30-year experience as a music teacher is serving her well in this world of technology.