A shortened concert season at Maison Jesus-Marie

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The interval between concerts has been prolonged. The second wave of this global health crisis has disrupted the scheduling of concerts planned at Maison Jesus-Marie (MJM). Only two concerts were held before new security measures were imposed for residents.

Sr Marie-Paule Demarbre – Lorraine Prieur

Thus, on September 20, Lorraine Prieur, pianist and Luc Saucier, bass,  came to share their “Love Stories and stories of humor” with an audience familiar with their performances. Following the warm  words of welcome by  Sr. Marie-Paule Demarbre, the two artists  played several pieces by famous composers, including Chopin.

The performance of this duo, as usual was remarkable, much to the delight of the public who attended. Some of those present, who have well-attuned ears for music, praised  the work of the singer who, according to them, had superb voice control.

It was a wonderful gathering for everyone.

A violin concert without an audience

At the end of October, a few days before her final violin recital, Geneviève Parent performed her program for the Sisters at Maison Jesus-Marie (MJM).  The viewing audience watched her on closed circuit TV, while she played her violin in the empty sound-proofed chapel.

Geneviève Parent

The performance was extraordinary, according to Sr. Maryse Moisan, who had organized the concerts at the Maison Jesus-Marie (MJM). “I have only one regret. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Geneviève Parent, in person, to show my support and appreciation,” she said.

This former student of Sr. Maryse demonstrated “perfect technique”. She performed important pieces from the repertoire,  accompanied by pianist Gaspard Tanguay-Labrosse for  the  “Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor” and  the  “Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 in A major, Op. 13 by Gabriel Fauré. Between the two accompanied pieces, she performed solo, the “Poem for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 25 by Ernest Chausson.”  

Despite presenting  her recital without an audience, Geneviève Parent was delighted to have this opportunity because her upcoming performance for her Master’s degree would be presented behind closed doors.

Despite the let-down, Sr. Maryse nevertheless appreciated the talent of this student who works as a general practitioner at a CLSC on the South Shore. In addition to the pleasure of seeing her protégés  practice their art, each in their own way, Sr Maryse was moved by the beautiful testimony of this student. ” I owe my passion for the violin to you, Sister Maryse.”

Until further notice, the MJM concert schedule is suspended due to the pandemic.

Photo credit: Sr Suzanne Brault