Petition and international protest to demand the closure of a pornographic site

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As part of the International Day of Non-Violence, an international event will be held in several major cities, including Montreal and Los Angeles, on October 2, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The demonstration aims to demand that the Pornhub/MindGeek website “be shut down for allegedly permitting and profiting from the sexual trafficking and rape of women and children. »

More than 2 million signatories from 192 countries supported the “Traffickinghub” petition by anti-trafficking expert Laila Mickelwait to close Pornhub. The campaign is based on numerous examples of real-life videos of child sexual abuse, adult trafficking, assault and rape, all of which would be monetized on Pornhub. A viral video of the non-religious, non-partisan movement has accumulated more than 33 million views. 

A U.S. Senator (Ben Sasse) has written to the U.S. Attorney General asking the U.S. Department of Justice to open an investigation into Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek.  A similar request for an investigation by the Government of Canada was made to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by an all-party group of Canadian MPs.

To learn more about this international event where physical distancing measures will be implemented, visit the site.

Find out the full story of this campaign and a way to sign the petition still in progress by visiting the site available in several languages: English | French | Español | Portuguese