A Mission of Encounter

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“A mission of encounter” expresses the 2019-2020 theme of the Quebec Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) and it offers us a way of following up on the 2016 General Chapter Acts and the invitations of Pope Francis.

Quebec Sisters and Affiliates are called to explore the depth of meaning in the term      “a mission of encounter” and to live that mission in their everyday experiences.

Hopefully the theme will be very meaningful to us as an expression of our SNJM mission: a mission of listening, welcoming, presence, accompaniment, service and education in multiple forms. In short, it is an invitation for us to live our mission according to the particular circumstances of each one’s life.

This newsletter is in tune with the theme as it presents the testimonies of several Sisters expressing their way of “being on mission” today.

May these examples stimulate our creativity and the quality of our presence in our particular commitments!

Members of the Provincial Leadership Team,

Denise Riel, Claudette Bastien, Beverley Wattling, snjm