News about the Syrian Families Welcomed in Longueuil

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It has already been more than two years since we welcomed two Syrian families. It is certainly time to present an update on their situation.

We first welcomed the Alhanout family on February 17, 2017. The father, Elyas, is now a sexton at Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Parish. He had previously worked for several months at the Chez Lise rooming house. However, his parish work provides a much more familiar environment for a Melkite priest and he is very pleased with it.

As far as finances go, the family situation is improving. Antoinette, the mother of the family, has successfully completed her program of francization. She quickly found a job in a small grocery store near her home. Unfortunately, due to a decrease in clientele, she recently lost her job and is looking for a new one.

Young Marcel, who spoke at the launching of the SNJM Corporate Stand on Migrants and Refugees, has found a new job at the Dorval airport that suits him well. His brother Michel is finishing his first year of studies in biology at Concordia University. He is devoting all his time to studying so that he may successfully pass his end-of-term exams.

In short, the family is doing well and is continuing to adapt to Quebec society.

Successful Integration of the Allaham Family as Well

As for the young Allaham family, Mousa has been working very hard in his field of carpentry-cabinetmaking. Miray, the mother, is enrolled in classes. She hopes to be able to find a job at Canada Services at the end of her training, which is scheduled for September.

Little Mira is currently in grade 1 at a very good school. She is as lively and cheerful as ever. Baby Michel took his first steps at home and is now walking at the private family daycare he attends not far from home.

Aside from the flu and “bruises and scratches” associated with daycare and school life, everyone’s health is good. The family is preparing to apply for Canadian citizenship.

For us, members of the Chemins d’accueil de Longueuil Committee (Longueuil Welcoming Committee), it is easy to report this very positive and encouraging information. We are ever mindful of all the adaptation, integration, and renunciation that refugees experience every day in a new and foreign environment, far from their extended family and their culture!

These are really great people whom we will always hold in our hearts and in our prayers.

Source: Chemins d’accueil de Longueuil