List of schools founded by SNJM’s

1843- … | SNJM Convent, Longueuil (QC)

Longueuil Parish School. 1843-? Founded in 1843 as the parochial school of the Parish of Longueuil, located at the corner of Saint-Charles and Chambly Streets, in front of the church, where Henriette Céré was already teaching; in 1844 all moved to 80 St. Charles East.

1846-1997 | SNJM Convent, Beloeil (QC)

Beloeil Convent. 1846-1969 Destroyed and rebuilt, on another site, in 1884. After 1969, SNJM Sisters lived in the convent and continued to work in Beloeil until 1997 (retreat house also used for spiritual or community meetings, center for accompaniment and spiritual renewal for adults).

1848-1968 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Timothée (QC)

Saint-Timothée Convent. 1848-1868 Built in 1819, replaced by a new construction in 1885.

1848-1972 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Lin (QC)

Saint-Lin Convent. 1848-1972 Burned in 1877, rebuilt in 1880, then demolished in 1973.

1850-1994 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Hilaire (QC)

Saint-Hilaire Convent. 1850-1963 SNJM Sisters first worked in a school (1850-1856), which became Sacré Coeur School which continues today, located on St. Hippolyte Street.

1853-1984 | SNJM Convent, Beauharnois (QC)

Beauharnois Convent. 1853-1984 Destroyed in 1952; construction of an SNJM residence on the same site in 1953. The SNJM Sisters who lived at the residence continued to work in teaching and ministry within the community of Beauharnois until 1984.

1856-1993 | SNJM Convent, Verchères (QC)

Verchères Convent (demolished and rebuilt in 1946). 1856-1971. After 1971, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry within the community of Verchères until 1993.

1857-1969 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan (QC)

St-Roch-de-l'Achigan Convent. 1857-1969 Built in 1857, demolished in 1882, rebuilt in 1883, sold in 1969.

1860-1972 | Hochelaga Convent. Montreal, QC

Hochelaga Boarding School. 1860-1972 Located at 3587 Notre-Dame Street East, Hochelaga / Montreal. 1971 = sale. 1972 = departure and demolition.

1866-1980 | SNJMConvent, Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague (QC)

Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague Convent. 1866-1976 Replaced by a new convent in 1878, then by another one in 1895.

1866-1996 | SNJM Convent, Valleyfield (QC)

Valleyfield Convent. 1866-1969 In 1866, the convent was located at the corner of the streets de l’Église and de la Fabrique. In 1873, a new convent was built near the church on the south side of de l’Église (Church) Street.

1867-1887 SNJM Convent, Saint-Anicet (QC)

Convent of Saint-Anicet. 1873-1887

1876-1990 | Marie-Rose Academy. Montreal, QC

Parish School. 1876-1891 Marie-Rose Academy became Marie-Rose High School in 1975. 1876-1990 Located on the south side of Rachel Street, between Drolet and Henri-Julien Streets. 1990. Sale. Becomes Rachel College.

1881 – ??? The Procure, Montreal (QC)

The Procure was a place to procure supplies for SNJM residences. In 1881 = at the Hochelaga Motherhouse (L011) In 1886 = 106 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal.

1881-1969 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Barthélemy (QC)

Convent of Saint-Barthélemy. 1881-1969 Parish School. 1881-1969

1882-1992 | SNJM Convent, Waterloo (QC)

1882: Acquisition of the "Mansion" of the Maplewood Estate, which belonged to Mr. Asa Belknap Foster's heirs.

1882-1896 | Beauharnois Manor, Beauharnois (QC)

Constructed around 1810 by the Ellice family, owners of the Seigneurie de Beauharnois. 1866: Acquisition by SNJM Congregation.

1883-1977 | Sacré-Coeur School. Waterloo, QC

SNJM sisters also worked at: Notre-Dame School Saint-Bernardin School

1884-1987 | SNJM Convent, Epiphanie (QC)

Epiphanie Convent. 1884-1973 The convent became Académie Saint-Alfred (1909), a primary-level Home Economics school (1932), a middle-grades Home Economics school (1941) and a boarding school for little boys (1937-1947).

1886-1972 | SNJM Convent /Mont-Royal. Montreal (QC).

Immaculée-Conception Parish School (Rachel Street). 1886-1891 Replaced in 1891 by Sainte-Anne School (165 Marie-Anne Street), which became Marie-Immaculée School in 1896. 1891-?

1891-1970 | SNJM Convent / Cherrier School. Montreal, QC

Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie Academy became Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie School in 1929 and then Cherrier School in 1933. 1891-1970

1892-1905 | Outremont Farm (QC)

Acquisition of land: 1889 Arrival of SNJM Sisters: 1892

1896-2011 | SNJM Convent, Sainte-Martine (QC)

Ste-Martine Convent. 1896-1970 After 1970, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry within the community of Ste-Martine until 2011.

1897-1985 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Jean-de-Matha (QC)

St-Jean-de-Matha Convent. 1897-1972 Parish School. 1897-1978 The parish school, Saint-Joseph School, later became Marie-Immaculée School.

1898-1981 | SNJM Convent, Disraeli (QC)

Disraeli Convent. 1898-1966 After 1966, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry within the community of Disraeli until 1981.

1898-1970 | La Nativité de la Sainte-Vierge Convent, Montreal (QC)

The Maison de la Nativité was primarily an SNJM residence. However, throughout its history, it often had the opportunity to help parish schools by temporarily transforming rooms into classrooms to accommodate students waiting for a transfer to a school in the process of expansion or construction.

1898- … | SNJM Boarding School, Saint-Lambert (QC)

St-Lambert School. 1898-1910 Located on Notre-Dame Street, near Riverside, southeast corner (former chapel of the parishioners of Saint-Lambert).

1900- … | Sainte-Émélie Convent. Viauville, (QC)

Sainte-Émélie Academy. 1900-1974 1900: Located in a house donated by Mrs. Charles Théodore Viau (Émélie Deguise), Adam Street.

1903-1973 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Chrysostome (QC)

Saint-Chrysostome Convent. 1903-1973 Parish School. 1903-1973?

1904-1971 | SNJM Convent, Contrecoeur (QC)

Contrecoeur Model School. 1904-? which became Marie-Immaculée School. 1905-?

1905- … | Saint-Nom-de-Marie Boarding School, Outremont (QC)

St-Nom-de-Marie Boarding School. 1905- ... Constructed in 1905 on the grounds of the Outremont Farm (L050). 2003: transfer of Corporation; Congregation retains ownership of building until 2005.

1907-1972 | Saint-Nom-de-Jésus School. Montreal, QC

Saint-Nom-de-Jésus School. 1907-1972 or 1981 Built in 1898 at 4210 Lafontaine Street, Maisonneuve district, Montreal.

1907-1981 | SNJM Convent, Beaulac-Garthby (QC)

Garthby Convent. 1907-1921 A school where lay teachers were already teaching. Burned in 1921. Replaced by Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours School. 1921-1961?

1908-1968 | Mgr-Émard Normal School. Valleyfield, QC

Located in the Valleyfield Boarding School (L022). 1908-1968

1909-2011 | SNJM Convent, East Angus (QC)

"Petit Couvent" of East Angus. 1909-1911 "Grand Couvent" of East Angus, which, in 1956, became Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde School. 1911-1968

1909-1977 | Saint-Clément School, Montreal (QC)

Saint-Clément School. 1909-1977. First at Sainte-Émélie Convent (L067). In 1913 construction at 4770 Lafontaine Street, at corner of Theodore. Fire and rebuilt (+ residence) in 1914 at 4780 Lafontaine Street.

1910-1977 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Anselme. Montreal, QC

Frontenac School (1910-1914), became Saint-Anselme Convent (1914-1919), then Saint-Anselme School (1923-1974)?

1910-1971 | Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours School. Outremont (QC)

Querbes School (built in 1910), became Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Academy in 1916, then Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours School in 1940. 1910-1971

1910-1980 Saints-Anges School. Montreal, QC

Saints-Anges School / Saints-Anges Academy. 1910-1980 Located on Saint-Joseph Blvd., between Garnier and De Lanaudière

1911-1976 | Saint-Nom-de-Marie School, Montreal (QC)

Lasalle Academy (built in 1911), which became Saint-Nom-de-Marie School in 1913. Located on Létourneux Street - East side, between Hochelaga and Rouen Streets. Fire in 1914, rebuilt in 1918 at 4100 Hochelaga Street (corner Pius IX and Hochelaga). 1911-1976

1912-1979 | SNJM Convent, La Patrie (QC)

Village of La Patrie School. 1912-1914 La Patrie Convent. 1914-1951

1913-1979 | St. Dominic’s School. Montreal, QC

Located at 4615 Delorimier Street, Montreal From 1913-1919, known as Holy Family Academy, directed by SNJM Sisters. In 1919, Holy Family Academy officially took the name of St Dominic's School.

1914-1954 | Jésus-Marie Farm / Val Marie-Rose. Dorval, QC

1914: acquisition of farms on Côte de Liesse, Dorval. 1917: SNJM Sisters arrive to work on the farm.

1915-1972 | SNJM Convent, Charlemagne (QC)

Saint-Simon et Saint-Jude Academy (+ residence). 1915-1924, 1932-1953? Sainte-Marie-des-Anges School (+ residence). 1953-1972? Built in 1953.

1915-1970 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Paul-l’Ermite (QC)

Parish School of St-Paul-l'Ermite (+ residence). 1915-1945 The school and residence suffered a fire in 1943. Because there was no project in place to build a new school, the SNJM Sisters moved away in 1945.

1916-1972 | SNJM Convent, Scotstown (QC)

Scotstown Parish School. 1916-1923 New Scotstown School became Saint-Paul School. 1923-1972 Built in 1923 not far from the SNJM residence. In 1955, construction of a residence attached to the school

1916-1968 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice (QC)

Parish School of St-Leonard-de-Port-Maurice. 1916-1968

1916-1968 | Madeleine-de-Verchères School. Montreal, QC

Guay Academy became, in 1927, Saint-Jean-Berchmans School. 1916-1927 A school that had already existed for 3 years. Located on Chabot Street.

1916-1977 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Josaphat. Le Moyne / Petit-Bois (QC)

Petit-Bois School. 1916-1929 in a school that existed since 1913. St-Josaphat Residence is not far from the school.

1916-1972 | SNJM Convent, Lachenaie (QC)

Parish School of Lachenaie (+ residence) became Saint-Charles School. 1916-1972 Notre-Dame School. 1963-1972 Built in 1963.

1917-1968 | SNJM Convent, Ville Saint-Michel (QC)

Saint-Bernardin-de-Sienne School. 1917-1919 Belair Academy (+ residence). 1919-1931 Built in 1919. Located on Côte-Saint-Michel, which would become Jarry Street.

1917-1967 |SNJM Convent, Chartierville (QC)

Village School, 1917-1926 Begun in already existing school In 1926, a fire destroyed the school and the residence a little further The Sisters, therefore, moved from Chartierville

1917-1984 | Saint-Jean-Baptiste School. Montreal-South (QC)

A new school (+ residence) was built in 1948-1949, and took the name of Jean-Lequin School and then Curé-Lequin School in 1960 (L178). Located at 653 Préfontaine Street. The 1917 building was demolished.

1917-1968 | SNJMConvent, Station-du-Côteau/Coteau-StationLes/Les Coteaux (QC)

Saint-Médard Parish School (+ residence), which became Coteau-Station School. 1917-1968

1917-1992 | SNJM Convent, Sherbrooke (QC)

Provincial Administration. 10 Brooks Street, Sherbrooke. 1917-1919 17 Brooks Street, Sherbrooke. 1919-1958 1301 Portland Street, Sherbrooke. 1958-1968

1918-1972 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Maxime. Ville LeMoyne (QC)

Saint-Maxime Parish School (+ residence), became, in 1956, Sainte-Madeleine School. 1918-1972

1918-1970 | SNJM Convent, Cookshire (QC)

Cookshire School. 1918-1928 Destroyed by a fire in 1928.

1918-1985 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Bruno (QC)

Model School in Borough No. 1 (+ residence), which would become Montarville School, Saint-Bruno. 1918-1984

1919-1962 | Chamilly-de-Lorimier School. Montreal, QC

Located on the north side of Gilford Street, Delorimier and Bordeaux, Montreal. Residence adjoining the school.

1919-1975 | SNJM Convent, Sainte-Marthe (QC)

Ste-Marthe Parish School. 1919-1954, 1956-1971 Ste-Marthe Convent. 1956-1975

1921-1928 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu (QC)

Village model school (+ residence). 1921-1928

1921-1964 | Boucher-de-la-Bruère School, Montreal (QC)

The school was built in 1914 on La Valtrie Street, between Saint-Just and Le Pailleur Streets.

1921-1970 | SNJM Convent, Montreal East (QC)

Alfred Richard School. 1921-1961 Saint-Octave High School (a new construction). 1961-?

1921-1975 | SNJM Convent, Maskinongé (QC)

Maskinongé Parish School became St-Joseph School, then in 1952, Marie-Immaculée. 1921-1972? The school already existed before the Sisters arrived.

1922-1973 | SNJM Convent, Mackayville / St-Hubert (QC)

Sacré-Coeur School, Mackayville. 1922-1973 The SNJM Convent in Mackayville was built in 1940.

1924-1976 | SNJM Convent, Ste-Jeanne de Chantal. Valois, QC

Ste-Jeanne de Chantal School (+ residence). 1924-1976

1925-2004 | Mont Jésus-Marie. Outremont (QC)

At the Motherhouse (1420 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont) Relocation to a new building in 2005 (2755 Côte Ste-Catherine, Outremont). Became a corporation in 2005?

1925-2005 | Motherhouse. Outremont (QC)

1420 Mont-Royal Boulevard, Outremont. Novitiate and Motherhouse. 1925-?

1925- | Vincent d’Indy School. Outremont (QC)

First known as the Superior School of Music. In 1951, it took the name of Vincent-d'Indy School.

1926-1966 | SNJM Commercial College – Holy Names Business College. Outremont (QC)

From 1926-1959, at the Motherhouse (1420, Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont) From 1959-1966, at the Institut Jésus-Marie (75 Holyroad Avenue, Outremont)

1927-1981 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts (QC)

Village School of Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts (+ residence). 1927-1959

1928-1981 | SNJM Convent, Howick (QC)

Model School of Howick, which became Très-Saint-Sacrement School, then Saint-Jean School (in 1953). 1928-1981

1931-1982 | SNJM Convent, Ormstown (QC)

Parish School. 1931-1952 School that had existed since 1902.

1933-1968 | Collège Jésus-Marie. Outremont (QC)

From 1933-1942, at the Motherhouse (1420 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont). From 1942-1959, at 628 Côte Ste-Catherine, Outremont (PSNM - L076). From 1959-1968, at the Institut Jésus-Marie (1555 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont).

1939-1974 | Immaculée School. City LaSalle, Montréal (QC)

Located at 45 Bélanger Street, Ville LaSalle. SNJM Sisters also worked at: Allion School Cavelier de LaSalle High School. 1965-1974

1942-1968 | Institute of Family Pedagogy. Outremont (QC)

First known as the École supérieure de pédagogie familiate et d’enseignement ménager (School of Family Pedagogy and Home Economics Teacher Training). In 1942-1959, at the Motherhouse (1410 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont) In 1959-1968, at the Institut Jésus-Marie (1555 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont)

1947-1971 | Eulalie-Durocher Normal School (Teacher Training). Saint-Lambert, QC

While waiting for the construction of the new school, the classes took place: at the Convent of Verchères (L007), 1947-1949, then at Longueuil Boarding School (L001), 1949-1952.

1948-1975 | SNJM Convent, Melocheville (QC)

Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix School (+ residence SNJM). 1948-1973 This school had already existed for 4 years before the Sisters arrived. SNJM Sisters also worked at: Sacré-Coeur School. [1955?] - [1973], 1975 secretariat

1948-1984 | Curé-Lequin School. Montreal-South / Longueuil (QC)

Jean-Lequin School (+ SNJM Residence) which, in 1960, became Curé-Lequin School. 1948-1984 Located at 653 Préfontaine Street, Montreal-South / Longueuil.

1948-1963 | SNJM Convent, Repentigny (QC)

Village School in Repentigny. 1948-1953 La Purification School. 1953-1963 School built around 195-.

1950-1977 | Saint-Joseph School. Sherbrooke, QC

SNJM Sisters also worked at: Marguerite Bourgeoys High School, Sherbrooke. 1966-1987 Saint-Michel High School, Sherbrooke. 1966-1987 Le Triolet High School, Sherbrooke. 1966-1987 Bussière School, Sherbrooke. 1968-1977

1952-1971 | Sainte-Agnès School. Contrecoeur (QC)

Sainte-Agnès (kindergarten) was located in the former Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire Convent in Contrecoeur (L074).

1952-1968 | Petit Collège Anastase-Forget. Saint-Lambert, QC

Boarding school for primary boys located in a wing of the Eulalie-Durocher Normal School (L187).

1953-1966 Marie-Rose School. Beloeil (QC)

SNJM Sisters also worked at: Jeannotte School.

1954-2010 | Jésus-Marie Farm/Val Marie-Rose. Lachenaie (QC)

1954 : acquisition of farms 1968-1969: sale of animals

1956-1966 | Marie-Rose Normal School. Disraeli, QC

* See SNJM Convent in Disraeli (L061).

1956-1973 | Bonnier School. Sainte-Philomène / City of Mercier (QC)

SNJM Sisters also worked at: Saint-Joseph School

1956-1986 | Holy Names High School. Montreal (QC)

Previously known as Saint-Eugene School

1957-1974 | Marie-Reine High School. Hochelaga, QC

Located at 349 Adam Street, Hochelaga. From 1923 to 1960 = Stadacona School, which became Marie-Reine School in 1957.

1957-1966 | Saints-Anges Normal School. Montreal, QC

From 1957-1965, at the Sainte-Émélie Academy/Boarding School (L067), 4837 Adam, Viauville. From 1964-1966, at Institut Jésus-Marie (L223), 1555 Mont-Royal Blvd., Outremont.

1959-1968 | Jésus-Marie Institute. Outremont (QC)

nstitut Jésus-Marie is the building that houses Jésus-Marie College (L223a), the Institute of Family Pedagogy (L223b), the Sainte-Marie-des-Anges Normal School (L223c) and Jésus-Marie Commercial College(L223d).

1961-1976 | Saint-Paul School. Beauharnois, QC

SNJM Sisters also worked at: Louis-Philippe-Paré Comprehensive High School, Châteauguay. 1973-1976

1961-1978 | Eulalie-Durocher High School. Montreal, QC

Located at 2455, Létourneux Street, Montreal.

1963-1976 | Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur School. Repentigny (QC)