Research request

  • FEES
    Preliminary Research : $10 / hr
  • Additional research, reproduction and usage fees may be requested.
    To respect the policies and procedures regarding the consultation of the archives of the SNJM Central Archives Department;
  • To never disclose information that might cause harm to persons or their reputation and to use all information for the exclusive purpose of research;
  • To respect the various laws that govern the reproduction of documentary sources and intellectual property: notably the Copyright Act and all other related laws that cover the archival field:
    • to reproduce a substantial part of a work, obtain prior written permission from the copyright holder;
    • reproduce only short extracts of a work for private study or research.

The researcher is required to cite the document sources as follows:

  • Central Archives Department of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
  • Fund number, Fund name, Subdivision number for the location of the document (series, file, document)

This commitment is effective whether or not the SNJM Central Archives Department actually transmits a copy of the documents that are the subject of the consultation.

By completing this form, the researcher agrees to respect these commitments.