Our Heritage

After more than 175 years, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) continues to respond to its original vocation.

Its mission of education, which is aimed at the full development of the person, has expanded over time. It has come to include: commitment to justice, solidarity with women and marginalized people, and more equitable distribution of the planet’s resources in order to preserve “our common home.”

The testimonies received over the years and during the 175th anniversary celebrations of our founding (2018) confirm the importance of sharing our cultural and spiritual heritage with future generations so that they may find a source of inspiration in that sharing.

Our current concern is to leave visible traces of our presence wherever we have worked. We want to share our values ​​of hospitality, listening, and respect; and to pursue our mission in solidarity with others. We take pride in seeing the richness of our heritage being passed on by ourselves or others.

Those interested in knowing more about our Congregation, our spirituality and our mission can visit, by appointment, the Marie-Rose Center located at 80 Saint-Charles Street East, Longueuil. This multi-faceted museum space includes an exhibition hall of archives. It is also possible to spend some quiet time in the Marie-Rose Chapel, located in the right transept of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Co-Cathedral.


Some testimonials collected during events marking the Congregation’s 175th anniversary.

A student at Durocher College: “What a joy to find this universe sensitive to the global development of girls. … Thank you. I have learnt things that are still useful 40 years later.”

“We greatly enjoyed our visit. Discovered all the facets of SNJM action. Very impressive. A thank-you to the archivists who informed us so professionally.”

“It’s nice to see that the SNJM mission and work continues with lay people telling the story.” — an SNJM Sister 

“Congratulations on the beauty of this place.”  — Claudette J. A.

 “Thank you for informing us more about your values.” — Pierrette and Yvon G.

 “Beautiful memories. Thank you.” — Marjolaine R.

 “We appreciate all the work done by the Congregation of SNJM Sisters.” — Guy A.