Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary – Quebec

Educators for life

Inspired by our foundress, Eulalie Durocher (Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher), we have worked and are still working to promote the universal right and access to quality education which, according to our community mission, includes the fostering of autonomy, liberty, and justice. For several years now, we have been involved in the promotion of social justice in many forms, including working in networks in order to make necessary changes on issues that particularly impact women.

Committed women 

The contribution of a religious congregation, such as the SNJM Congregation, to Quebec society is the result of a community life where each of its members places her talents and energy at the service of mission. Although the majority of the Congregation’s members are not known by the general public, they have nevertheless made a definite impact in the neighborhoods where they have worked or continue to work today.  Their lives are a witness to bold and determined women who remain active in helping disadvantaged people and in improving our society.

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Acting in solidarity with the SNJM Congregation

Open to multiple commitments in a variety of settings, our Congregation has always developed collaborative relationships in order to better meet the needs of various individuals and milieus.  Faced with today’s challenges, we create new forms of collaboration and solidarity among ourselves and with others and so ensure the continuation of our SNJM mission and values. Lay people join us as affiliates and volunteers or simply in order to support our actions.