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Three young sisters in recital

The Sisters from Maison Jésus-Marie were treated to an extraordinary recital on March 8. In fact, in the presence of their mother Youkari Morgante and their grandmother, Mary Chouinard, a well known poet, Floria (7 years old), Lélia (6 years old) and Dalia (3 years old) gave their recital in the community rooms on the main floor (Pavillon St-André) and on the second floor (Pavillon Saint-Charles).

You just had to see the seriousness of these three young sisters, each of whom played a different musical instrument (cello, piano and violin). The trio interpreted a number of pieces some of which are well known such as “Marie a un petit mouton/Mary had a little lamb” and “Ah vous dirai-je maman”.

They also played classical pieces such as “Allegretto 1” by Czerny, “Chœur des chasseurs” by Weber and “Les deux Grenadiers” by Schumann.

To see these girls at such a young age playing with such aplomb, filled the Sisters present with joy. They were attentive to the performance and were swept along by the enthusiasm and joy of these three sisters who are receiving arduous formation.

Beside the courses given by experienced teachers, the three girls benefit from the unconditional support of their mother, who, every evening, makes them practice. The latter, an engineer by profession, who holds a management position at Hydro-Québec, supports them in their love for music.

Some of the Sisters present, having taught music in the past, acknowledged the need for long hours of learning before eventually embarking on a musical career. They were well aware of the great effort that these three young girls have made to improve their skills and talents, as well as  their mother’s devotion.

This wonderful performance brought a lot of joy and pleasure to the hearts of all the Sisters, on this March 8, International Women's Day.

Photos – Sister Gisèle Lalande

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